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  1. Vessel Basins (3)
  2. S50 (40)
  3. Zentrum (15)
  4. S20 (42)
  5. Serenada (12)
  6. Layton (21)
  7. Milton (13)
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Ceramic Suites

These are arguably the hardest-working components in your bathroom. Not only do they have to be durable and reliable in their operation, but their styling needs to be capable of standing the test of time too. The carefully curated selection at Unbeatable Bathrooms has been created to satisfy these three essential criteria and then some.
We carry a comprehensive selection from each of the leading brands in a variety of sizes and styles. They’re all built to exacting standards and offered at meaningful discounts to the manufacturer’s recommended retail price.

The lowly toilet will never evoke use of the word “glamorous” when one is asked to describe it. Nevertheless, these days, this tireless bathroom workhorse is available in an astounding array of sizes, styles and configurations. From the traditional charm of the high-level lavatory right up to the boutique elegance of the wall-mounted WC found in swanky hotels around the world and everything in between, you can be certain that we have the ideal loo for your bathroom.
Even if you opt for the classic 'close-coupled' toilet, you’ll find that its working parts have been brought right up to date with comfort features like “soft close” seats and WRAS-compliant dual-flush valves that economise on water usage.

The basin is hardly a complex bathroom fixture but it does need to withstand the rigours of the family’s morning and evening ablutions. It needs to be easy to clean and built with an eye on contemporary design to ensure that it won’t look dated should another fixture in your bathroom be updated later.
How fortunate, then, that the diverse range of basins at Unbeatable Bathrooms is full of beautifully-designed units in several styles including contemporary or traditional pedestals, wall-hung, counter top and integrated furniture units too.

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