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If there’s one thing guaranteed to ruin the clean, carefully-planned look and feel of your new bathroom, it’s the sight of the clutter caused by a shortage of storage space.

Given time, bottles, potions, perfumes and bathroom cleaning products will, at best, create an eyesore and, at worst, a safety hazard. Our bathroom furniture collections can provide a home for these and many other items in the form of anything from a simple vanity unit or a cabinet to a fully integrated bathroom furniture suite. We have a huge range of stylish units and suites in various styles to suit all tastes and budgets.

Vanity Units
Toiletries, cosmetics, shaving utensils, toothbrushes and a whole host of other items have a way of accumulating over time and, left unchecked, can become a real nuisance in what is supposed to be a retreat; a haven, a place to relax. The thing is, this build up is often so imperceptible that you don’t tend to notice it until it’s too late.

The addition of a vanity unit is a great way to deal with the clutter in one, fell swoop and a solution that’s far more aesthetically-pleasing than a plastic bag under the basin or a box in the corner.

We recognise the importance of a “zero-clutter” environment so we keep an extensive range of functional but highly attractive vanity units in stock. As with all our products, vanity units come in a broad range of designs that satisfy traditional and contemporary tastes.

Over the years, we’ve noticed a significant move away from the conventional pedestal basin towards the more luxurious basin mounted on a vanity storage unit. It’s easy to see why because the combination is simple, incredibly practical and, with a choice of appealing finishes, one can add class and style to any bathroom with minimal fuss.

Floor mounted basin units conceal unsightly plumbing and keep your bathroom’s lines clean while wall-mounted vanity basin units give smaller bathrooms a greater sense of space. Whether floor or wall-mounted, be in no doubt that the team here at Unbeatable Bathrooms has curated a fantastic selection for you to choose from.

Storage Units
As far as we’re concerned, there’s no such thing as “too much storage space” in a bathroom. We all know how annoying and frustrating it can be to have toiletries piled up on the sides of the basin or the bathtub – especially when they crash to the floor…. usually when you’re in a hurry.

There is no logical reason to forego storage space when there are so many attractively-designed and inexpensively priced solutions to the problem. Whether small or large, wall mounted or free-standing, over the bath or in the corner, Unbeatable Bathrooms has a whole host of storage units all built with loving care, in high quality materials by the leading brands you know and trust.

Wall Hung Basin Shelves
For those who remain undecided on vanity basins, wall hung basin shelves can make a great alternative because with these, instead of going for the “ready-made” option, you can choose the basin you like to pair with a wall hung shelf and, in doing so, ensure that your basin choice complements your existing bathroom perfectly.
Enjoy the freedom to indulge your design muse by choosing a basin from the expansive range we have on offer.

WC Units
If you’re looking for an easy way to add a toilet to your bathroom without having to go to the expense and hassle of building a false wall, WC units are a simple and stylish way to achieve your goal in the shortest, most convenient and cost-effective way.
Available in a wide choice of attractive finishes, our specially-selected range of wall-hung and back-to-wall WC Units from leading manufacturers will make it easy to match the décor of your existing bathroom.


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