Kudos Glass to Glass Corner Seal

by Kudos

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Product Options

Type Actual Width Product Code
8mm Glass 10mm Glass
400 Glass Panel 355mm 5WP400 10WP400
500 Glass Panel 455mm 5WP500 10WP500
600 Glass Panel 555mm 5WP600 10WP600
700 Glass Panel 655mm 5WP700 10WP700
760 Glass Panel 715mm 5WP760 10WP760
800 Glass Panel 755mm 5WP800 10WP800
900 Glass Panel 855mm 5WP900 10WP900
1000 Glass Panel 955mm 5WP1000 10WP1000
1100 Glass Panel 1055mm 5WP1100 10WP1100
1200 Glass Panel 1155mm 5WP1200 10WP1200
1400 Glass Panel 1355mm 5WP1400 10WP1400
1000 Curved Glass Panel 984mm 5WPCV1000
1200 Curved Glass Panel 1171mm 5WPCV1200
Glass to Glass Corner Seal 5WPCS 10WPCS

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