Kudos Ultimate2 Corner 10mm Glass Packages

by Kudos
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For ease of ordering we have created complete packages in our most popular styles, including both flat and curved glass options.Based on the tray size and shape selected, each package contains the relevant panel/s, wall post, fixings, shower tray and a 90mmhi-flow waste and trap, with flow rated at 42 litres per minute.Additional package option to upgrade wall post and fixings to a choice of special finishes.


  • Flat and curved panels available
  • 8mm and 10mm toughened glass
  • Perfect for use with a shower tray or fit directly to a tiled floor
  • Generous 1952mm height
  • Extensive choice of panel sizes
  • Optional fixed or hinged Deflector Panels
  • Fixings available in silver and special finishes
  • High quality support brackets in standard or slimline option
  • Unique crystal glass-to-glass Smart Seal Technology

Product Options

Tray Sizes Product Code
Recess Packages inc. tray, waste and trap Corner Packages inc. tray, waste and trap
Tray Length Tray Shape Tray Width 8mm Glass Thickness 10mm Glass Thickness 8mm Glass Thickness 10mm Glass Thickness
1200 Rectangle 700 7WIR1270 10WIR1270 7WIC1270 10WIC1270
1200 Rectangle 800 7WIR1280 10WIR1280 7WIC1280 10WIC1280
1200 Rectangle 900 7WIR1290 10WIR1290 7WIC1290 10WIC1290
1400 Rectangle 700 7WIR1470 10WIR1470 7WIC1470 10WIC1470
1400 Rectangle 800 7WIR1480 10WIR1480 7WIC1480 10WIC1480
1400 Rectangle 900 7WIR1490 10WIR1490 7WIC1490 10WIC1490
1500 Rectangle 700 7WIR1570 10WIR1570 7WIC1570 10WIC1570
1500 Rectangle 800 7WIR1580 10WIR1580 7WIC1580 10WIC1580
1500 Rectangle 900 7WIR1590 10WIR1590 7WIC1590 10WIC1590
1600 Rectangle 700 7WIR1670 10WIR1670 7WIC1670 10WIC1670
1600 Rectangle 800 7WIR1680 10WIR1680 7WIC1680 10WIC1680
1600 Rectangle 900 7WIR1690 10WIR1690 7WIC1690 10WIC1690
1700 Rectangle 700 7WIR1770 10WIR1770 7WIC1770 10WIC1770
1700 Rectangle 800 7WIR1780 10WIR1780 7WIC1780 10WIC1780
1700 Rectangle 900 7WIR1790 10WIR1790 7WIC1790 10WIC1790
1500 Curved 700 7WIR15CV 7WIC15CV
1700 Curved 700 7WIR17CV 7WIC17CV


Click for Installation Instructions - Curved Packages

Click for Installation Instructions - Flat Packages

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