Kudos Ultimate2 Curved Hinged Deflector Panels

by Kudos
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To enhance the KUDOS shower panel range further, we have developed a choice of optional fixed or hinged deflector panels.The flat deflector panels are available in both 8mm and 10mm glass,whilst the curved hinged deflector panel is only available in 8mm,designed to provide additional shower protection from overspray within your showering area.

The deflector panels can be used with or without shower trays and can be easily fitted, even after installation of the front panel. This means you need only purchase a deflector panel if required, saving you money.

Hinged deflector panels are handed. Please add LH or RH suffix to code when ordering. For finish codes please see finishes


  • 8mm and 10 mm flat fixed and hinged Deflector Panels
  • 8mm curved hinged Deflector Panels
  • 300mm and 400mm* width
  • Fixings available in silver and special finishes
  • Smart Seal Technology - suitable for high performance showering
  • Lifeshield™ Glass Protection
  • Lifetime Guarantee

Product Options

Deflector Type Product Code
8mm Glass Thickness 10mm Glass Thickness
Fixed Deflector Panel - 255mm width 5WPDEFP 10WPDEFP
Hinged Deflector Panel - 300mm width 5WPHINDP 10WPHINDP
Hinged Deflector Panel - 400mm width 5WPHINDP400 10WPHINDP400
Curved Hinged Deflector Panel - 300mm width 5WPCVHINDP


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