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The Best Electric Showers

Electric showers are one of(if not) the most popular showers that people buy for their bathrooms. This is mainly due to their quick rise in temperature and how easy they are to install, compared to other shower systems.

Electric showers are different from the rest, this is because they only require a cold water supply and an electrical connection. Electric showers work in the same way as other major electric appliances work, they send an electrical current through the heating element. This means that the shower heats up the water as it passes through the shower unit, making the water hot almost instantly. The hot water also never runs out, this makes it a better choice for bigger families who always have a cue for the shower!

As the Electric showers do not need a hot water supply, there are more popular as it is way easier to install and can be installed in other placements such as caravans.  

Pros of Electric Showers

There is no risk of running out of hot water with an electric shower, this is because the colder water is heated within the shower unit. This means you can have longer showers and more people will be able to use the shower in one given go.

There are little to no compatibility issues, this is due to not needing a hot water supply, only a cold water one. This allows for the least plumbing work as possible for a shower, saving you a high set up fee and a headache.

The hot water is available almost straight away, meaning you do not have to wait for the water stream to warm up for very long.

Cons of Electric Showers

You need to make sure that the water supply flow has no less than 1 bar of pressure, an 8-litre flow per minute and 10 bars of static pressure maximum. This is higher than other showers and may not be compatible with your home if you have low water pressure.

The electric bill costs could increase if you pick a shower system with a higher kilowatt output, this is due to it requiring more power to work correctly, there are different power options you can choose from.

The flow can sometimes be less powerful compared to other systems such as mixer showers and power showers. However, some of the electric shower systems do come with an integral pump to combat this issue.

Our favourite Electric Showers

Grohe New Tempesta Pressure Stabilized Electric Shower - £155

Grohe New Tempesta Pressure Stabilized Electric Shower - £155

The Grohe electric shower has a nice clean design, allowing it to fit right into your bathroom decor without a second glance. It also features LED indicators, letting you know the current power setting. The shower has dual-terminal blocks for left or right-hand connection. Furthermore, it features a variety of jet/spray settings and comes with a gorgeous chrome hose and rail.

Quartz Digital Electric Shower with Adjustable Head - £203

Quartz Digital Electric Shower with Adjustable Head - £203

The quartz Electric shower is an Instantaneous Electric Shower System with Slide Rail Shower Kit, which includes an Adjustable head, hose, slide rail & gel hanger. The shower features a very modern design which gives it a high tech/luxury kind of styling, perfect for any modern designed bathrooms. There are also different power choices available, giving you various choices when purchasing one of these devices.

Vado All Chrome Stylish Slimline Electric Shower - £216

The Vaso Slimline Electric Shower is an all chrome design unit that looks stylish and a lot more expensive than it actually is. The shower features a phased shutdown feature that helps it prevent limescale build-up, it’s a nifty feature for the device. It also features push button power selectors, low-pressure indicator and a temperature control numbered dial.

That concludes our list of the Best Electric Showers, if you're looking for a different design or style of shower, you can see our full range of showers for more choices. 

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