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Best Bathroom Cleaning Products To Use

Best Bathroom Cleaning Products To Use

When it comes to cleaning your house, the bathroom is not often top of your list. What with the multiple mirrors, the sink, the taps, the shower and bath, the amount of surface to cover whilst cleaning a bathroom is enough to make even the most die-hard of cleaners feel tired. And given that the average Brit spends 22 minutes in the bathroom every single day, it’s no wonder that this room can easily become a hotbed of germs if not cleaned regularly.

It doesn’t take long before your taps lose their shine, the sink needs a bit of a scrub and your shower head starts to fill with grime. So where do you begin? Finding the perfect bug Blitzer to bring your bathroom back to its former glory can seem like a fruitless search. Luckily, we know how to properly maintain bathrooms and have compiled the ultimate list of bathroom saviours. Crank up the tunes, roll up your sleeves and turn your weekly chore into a weekly charm with these bathroom busters.

Best All-Purpose Bathroom Cleaner

Whilst not as well-known as its Flash and Dettol counterparts, the Method Bathroom Spray had consistently excellent reviews across major retailers. With its plant-based formula and fresh scent, this cleaner continues to work its magic even after you have left the shower. The lactic acid and corn-starch derived decyl glucoside get busy dissolving and preventing soap scum and lime deposits, making your life a little bit easier. A clear winner in our books!

Best Disinfectant Wipes

Time and time again, Dettol popped up as winners in this category. Whilst there are plenty of varieties of wipes to choose from when you come to clean your bathroom, we found that these Dettol 3X Power Bathroom Cleaner Wipes had the best reviews. They are super-powerful and kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses including e.coli and salmonella - ideal for sinks, toilet seats, taps and even glass.

Best Mirror Cleaner

The E-Cloth Glass & Polishing Cloth promises to bring the 'WOW' factor to cleaning windows, glass and all other shiny surfaces. Whilst we’d usually be sceptical of such a promise, these handy little cloths have been tested and approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute - seemingly living up to their word. You only need to use water with these cloths, and as they’re chemical-free they’re ideal for anyone who suffers from allergies or who can’t stand the chemical smell. Streak-free and easy to wash, the e-cloth is a better solution than multi-purpose cleaner if you want the perfect shiny finish on your mirrored surfaces.

Best Toilet Cleaner

Perhaps not the most glamorous of awards to win, but in this category, Domestos has been a leading brand in the UK for many years. Domestos Original Bleach famously kills all known germs, removes stains and prevents any limescale build-up for up to three times longer than their competitors. Not only this, but Domestos are also doing their bit outside of the UK too. The company has helped more than 6 million people gain access to a clean and safe toilet, with more than 75,000 children have benefited from clean water and toilet facilities in their schools; helping improve attendance and educational achievement. Who knew?

Best Drain Unblocker

When it comes to powerful drain unblocker, Mr Muscle lives up to its name. Mr Muscle Drain Gel Plughole Unblocker is ideal for cutting through dirt, excess shampoo and hair clogs. This thick gel gets to work in as little as 5 minutes and is safe to use on any kind of plughole. Although the instructions recommend using the whole bottle to fully clear your drain, the majority of reviews we found said that a smaller amount still did the trick, allowing you to save your pennies as you go!

Which of these are your bathroom favourites? If you’ve got a shower saviour that you want to share or a toilet tackler that you swear by, then let us know! If you’re thinking about refurbishing your bathroom, be sure to check out Unbeatable Bathrooms range of showers, baths, basins and more. And be sure to pick up these cleaning products to keep your new bathroom looking spotless.

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