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The Best Power Showers

The Best Power Showers

Power Showers are one of our best selling products here at unbeatable bathrooms, a lot of people see them as essential for the bathroom. We always get asked about what power showers we would recommend, so we thought we would create a post highlighting our favourite power showers.

A lot of customers often tell us that they want a power shower without knowing the different types of power showers and what they actually are! We want to explain what a power shower is and what makes them different from other shower types, this way, you will know what you’re getting and not get confused with other shower types!

What is a power shower?

A power shower is very familiar to a Mixer Shower, it combines water from your hot and cold water supplies and mixes them together. The power shower differentiates from the mixer shower by having a pump that increases and improves the water pressure. This makes power showers perfect for homes with low water pressure or separate water supplies around the house.

The two main types of power shower

There are various ranges of different power showers that you can choose from, we have chosen to explain the two most popular choices, the first being the industry standard power shower.

Pumped Electric Shower

A pumped electric shower is normally what people mean when they want a power shower, the pumped electric shower is nearly the same as a mixer shower. It uses both the hot and cold water supplies but instead, the power shower will use the pump inside the shower to force the water out of the showerhead, giving it more power.

Thermostatic Power Shower

The Thermostatic power shower and the pumped electric shower are very similar, a hot and cold water feed is required (Like a mixer shower). However, this type of pump is usually installed somewhere separate, like an airing cupboard. This means that the shower pipework is being altered there, allowing you to use a massive variety of different types of showers. This is the best option if you’re looking at creating a luxury power shower system.

What makes them so popular?

The popularity of power showers comes more from people who have low water pressure in their homes, it allows them to have a powerful shower without compromise, otherwise, they would have a weak shower feed. They also have a bit more flexibility, allowing you to use them in a variety of different styles while still getting that high-performance blast. The price of power showers is usually quite low, which makes it an option at all price ranges.

Three of our favourite Power Showers

Grohe New Tempesta Pressure Stabilized Electric Shower

Grohe New Tempesta Pressure Stabilized Electric Shower

The Grohe shower is a great low cost pumped electric shower option that we have in stock at unbeatable bathrooms, the design might look standard but the performance is brilliant for the price. It features great temperature/power control, LED indicators, a subtle chrome finish and an anti-limescale system.

Buy now for £155 (Save £83.80)


Roca Essential 2.0 Shower Column

Roca Essential 2.0 Shower Column

The Roca Essential Shower Column is a luxury thermostatic power shower that looks like it’s from the future. It features amazing hydro massaging which can either stimulate or relax. It is made from stainless steel and is a very modern looking shower, it also includes 2 jets, rain shower system, 4 water outlets, water flow and temperature control and easy wall-mounting installation.

Buy now for £816 (Save £272.16)


Vado Elegance Fashion Electric Shower with Soft Press Illuminated Buttons

Vado Elegance Fashion Electric Shower with Soft Press Illuminated Buttons

The Vado Elegance Fashion Electric Shower features a gorgeous minimalistic design and features soft press illuminated buttons. The simplistic design allows it to look at home in any bathroom with any style, there is also a wide range of colours you can choose from, including bronze, black, silver and metallic. This is great value for money when you compare it to other shower systems on the market.

Buy now for £209 (Save £90)

That concludes our post on what power showers are and the best power showers in our opinion. We have a wide range of showers available, including Mixer Showers. See our full range of showers for more!

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