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What Is A Mixer Shower?

What Is A Mixer Shower?

Mixer showers draw from both hot and cold water supplies and are well known for delivering higher flow rates.

The mixer shower is perfect for homes with instantly available hot water, this is generally available from a combi boiler or large capacity hot water cylinder. The hot and cold water is connected and mixed within the unit, this prepares the water to be delivered through the shower.

The flow you receive is dependant on the pressure of your water system; the pressure can be controlled through the shower valve or by bath taps. The mixer shower flow is generally known for being more powerful than a standard electric shower. If you do have a low-pressure system controlling your water, you can buy a shower pump to increase the flow rate.

Types of Mixer Shower

There are many different types of mixer showers, they all feature different designs and multiple ways of use.

Single Lever Mixer Showers

Single lever mixer showers feature one lever that can be moved vertically to control the flow of water and horizontally to control the temperature of the water. This type is often the most common due to its ease of use and many different styles.

Our favourite single lever mixer is the Armitage Shanks Contour 21 Built-In Sequential Shower Mixer. It looks gorgeous thanks to its elegant design and is very easy to use.

Dual Control Mixer Showers

Dual control mixer showers feature two controls, one controls the flow and the other controls the temperature. The main positive of this type of mixer shower is the fact that you can leave the temperature setting as it is, ready for the next time you shower. Some models can also feature a diverter valve, this allows you to switch the flow between the shower head or the taps/bath filler.

The dual control set up we would recommend is the Ideal Standard Jasper Morrison faceplate and handles (for use with A3969NU TT shower mixer). It looks great and features set and leave controls so you don’t have to keep changing your set up.

Three Valve Mixer Showers

The three valve mixer showers are less common than the other types but feature interesting benefits. The three valves allow you to change the water flow, temperature and the spray pattern/mode. The three valve mixers usually are best used with their corresponding shower heads and can offer you more features such as head massaging sprays.

Our favourite three valve mixer is the Grohe Grohtherm shower mixer, it features a wide range of different uses and features a stunning design.

Bar Mixer Shower

The bar mixer shower also features dual controls but it is all on the one bar. One of the controls is for adjusting the water flow and the other is for adjusting the temperature. You can also have a diverter valve on the bar to allow you to switch between an overflow shower head and a separate shower head/taps.

The bar mixer we would recommend is the Grohe Grohtherm Cube 1/2 Inch Thermostatic Shower Mixer. It features a modern looking cube design and is very easy to use.


We have a wide range of mixer showers, there is one for every budget and for every room design.


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