How To Fit A Shower Tray

The prospect of fitting a shower tray can be pretty daunting, however, we have created a guide to help make it a simple task.

Shower trays are one of the most important aspects of your shower enclosure, it all depends on being installed properly and correctly. Fitting one correctly does take time but they’re not too hard to fit, if you’ve had a little DIY experience, you will be fine!

There are two different types of shower trays that you would install, the processes are a little different but we will cover both below;

Matki Fineline Three upstand shower image

Shower tray in the picture - Matki Fineline Three Upstand Shower Tray

Height Adjustable Shower Tray Installation

Height adjustable shower trays use legs on the bottom of the tray, giving it a raised profile.

  1. You will need to place the tray loosely to where you want to install it, check to see if there are any issues with the area you’re looking at. Screw the legs into the position and adjust the height to your requirements. Check to see if the shower tray waste lines up correctly and has no issues.
  2. Once you are happy with the positioning and fitment, you need to see where the best route would be for your waste pipe (if this isn’t already fitted). Attach the waste to your tray while connecting this to the trap.
  3. This is one of the most important steps when fitting the tray. Make sure that the shower tray is completely level using a spirit level, check every angle and make sure that it is perfect. If this stage is not done correctly, there will be a range of issues when you first come to take a shower later on.
  4. Attach the waste to the waste outlet pipe, making sure that it is secure and there is no loose pipework. You can test this by pouring water down the waste, you will see if there are any issues straight away.   
  5. Attach the side panels of the shower tray to the tray, make sure to check the instructions of the product, just in case. The side panels should be quite easy to attach and will end up giving the tray a rather flush look.
  6. The last step is to seal the edges of the tray and create a great bond that will keep everything in place and sturdy. Using a high-quality sealant is essential.


Ideal Standard Simplicity Low Profile Square Flat Top Shower Tray imageShower tray in the picture - Ideal Standard Simplicity Low Profile Square Flat Top Shower Tray

Low Profile Shower Tray Installation

This design of shower tray can be a little trickier to install as they directly fit into the floor with no gap in-between.

  1. You will need to be completely confident that the floor that you are installing on is going to be capable of supporting the shower tray. It will need to be completely solid, with no flex. Figure out where you’re putting the tray, mark out the area and replace any floorboards within this area with marine plywood (18mm at least).
  2. Cut out an ‘access hatch’ within the floorboards, this will allow you to reach the waste without too much complication.
  3. Another hole will need to be cut for your shower tray waste, take accurate measurements and carefully start creating the area you need. This will allow you to now assemble the waste.
  4. Now it is time for putting the shower tray into place, mix up some mortar and apply a thin layer on to the area beneath the tray (we recommend a 5 parts sand, 1 part cement mixture). You will now need to gently press the tray into the mortar mixture and make sure it is level/in place properly. Once you are confident that it’s level and in place, leave it to set for 24 hours.
  5. You can now use the access hatch to connect the waste trap and outlet pipe together. You can now apply silicone sealant around the edges of the tray to finish.

If all went well, you would have installed your brand new shower tray with no issues! If you’re looking for a smart new shower tray, take a look at our large collection of shower trays.

*Please note that not all shower tray designs are the same and some may need a slightly different approach. Please always read the instructions for the product.*

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